WP Care+ WordPress Maintenance Plans

One of the best kept “secrets” that people aren’t aware of when they get a new WordPress website is that they are responsible to ensure that it is maintained and updated.  No, we’re not just talking about the content, we’re talking about the software that it runs on. If your site is built on WordPress and you haven’t been doing regular updates, you may be in jeopardy of being hacked (or may already have been and not even know it). Your web hosting provider isn’t necessarily responsible for it – they just provide the environment for it to operate on.


Solution: WP Care+ from V3 Media

WP Care+ WordPress Site Maintenance Plans


Your website is backed up daily and stored offsite in a secure Canadian location.  We retain 3 daily backups, 2 weekly backups, and a backup from the 1st of the month.


We make sure that your WordPress software, plugins and themes are safely updated with the most current versions.  We will notify you of plugins that are outdated or become incompatible with the current versions of WordPress.


Our WP Care+ Maintenance Plans can also include website content updates to offer you a complete WordPress site maintenance solution.

We offer WP Care+ plans in two distinct categories: with and without content updates.

STANDARD BACKUP: All accounts hosted with V3 are backed up off-server daily (3 days retained), weekly (2 weeks retained), and monthly (1 month retained).

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WP Care+ Entrepreneur


($35/mo for V3 designed websites)

  • Hosting Storage: 3GB
  • Hosting Bandwidth: 150GB
  • Website Backups (Daily/Weekly/Monthly): 3/2/1
  • Sucuri Security Scanning
  • Imunify360 Security Protection
  • WordPress Core Updates*
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates*
  • CloudFlare DNS (optional)
  • CloudFlare CDN (optional)

WP Care+ Professional


($75/mo for V3 designed websites)

  • Hosting Storage: 5GB
  • Hosting Bandwidth: 300GB
  • Website Backups (Daily/Weekly/Monthly): 3/2/1
  • Sucuri Security Scanning
  • Imunify360 Security Protection
  • WordPress Core Updates*
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates*
  • CloudFlare DNS (optional)
  • CloudFlare CDN (optional)
  • Website Content Updates: 4 (up to 15 mins each)

WP Care+ Partner


($999/mo for V3 designed websites)

  • Hosting Storage: 5GB
  • Hosting Bandwidth: 300GB
  • Website Backups (Daily/Weekly/Monthly): 3/3/3
  • Sucuri Security Scanning
  • Imunify360 Security Protection
  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates
  • CloudFlare DNS (optional)
  • CloudFlare CDN (optional)
  • General content updates, support, etc. (10 hours per month)

Add-on Pricing


SEO Ranking Reports (up to 10 terms) $40/mo
SEO Ranking Reports (up to 20 terms) $60/mo
4 Additional content updates $80/mo
8 Additional content updates $140/mo

In-place updates with live testing add-on * $50/mo
Staging area updates with offline testing add-on * $99/mo

Incoming email spam/virus scanning $9/mo

Backup of account supplied on flash drive $129/ea (includes shipping)

If you require additional hosting storage, bandwidth, or require a Managed VPS, contact us for special pricing.

Do you need ensured uptime or require some “failsafe” hosting?  WE OFFER RAPID REALTIME ACCOUNT CLONING FOR SHARED HOSTING AND VPS HOSTING CLIENTS AS WELL. Contact us for more info.


* Updates are typically done at intervals between 14 and 20 days. Emergency/urgent security updates will be done immediately.  Basic package includes flash-testing for functionality after updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to host with V3?

Not at all.  If you are happy with your current host, there’s no reason to change. In most cases, everything we do will be compatible with your current host. The only issues that typically ever come up are hosts that are unstable, perform poorly, or that have outdated or insecure server software. Although hosting is included with our WP Care+ plans, you may simply choose to not use it.   You may also choose to keep your email hosted where you are and have V3 only host your website. We’re happy to tailor a solution to your needs.

What if V3 didn't create our website?

When we develop a WordPress website, we know where things are at with the software. For sites that we didn’t develop and don’t already manage, an initial audit of your current website is typically required.

In the event that we run into critical issues and have to rollback to a backup during our initial updating and compatibility & security testing of your WordPress software, themes, and plugins, we will provide you with a report of the issues that we find along with our recommendations and an action list as well as any possible costs for remediating the issues. Once approved, we will then carry out the work required and move forward with fully upgrading your website and putting your maintenance plan into place.

In most cases, unless your website has been very poorly maintained or uses poorly developed plugins and themes, there should be no issues during the install.

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

WordPress, it’s themes, and third-party plugins that are installed to create a website are endlessly being updated for security reasons, software compatibility issues, feature updates and general bug fixes. These are all very important reasons to keep the software updated. In some cases, however, authors decide to abandon their software and in many cases, that can leave a website open to vulnerabilities or errors. There are also circumstances where updates may break a website or cause other issues. Without the background and knowledge of what to do in these circumstances, your site can become exposed to hackers or crippled and non-functioning. We can act quickly to restore your site in the event of failure or errors, and make recommendations when the parts stop working or become insecure.

Why can't I just maintain the software myself?

Websites are not “set it up and forget about it”. They require regular maintenance both under the hood as well on the surface. When things aren’t working on your website, people don’t hang around very long and that can cost you money.

When you are looking after your own content updates or software upgrades, things can go wrong and it can cost you more to fix it than maintain it. If you try to fix it yourself, you can cause further damage and increase the costs of repair.

What kind of support can I request?

Content updates, addition of images, blog posts, calendar updates and other types of updates to your website are permitted. Services such as SEO, adding features and plugins, as well as complex design changes will likely take longer than the support allotment permits so would be quoted on individually. We will only perform work that exceeds your plan minutes with written approval. All additional work will be billed at the overage rate for your plan.

Is support available 24x7?

Our servers and hosting infrastructure is monitored 24×7 and notifications of issues are automated and looked after quickly. WP Care+ plan is available from 9am to 5pm Pacific/10am to 6pm Mountain time, Monday through Friday (excluding stat holidays). All support and update requests must be done through our support ticket system.

My site got hacked or is down. What now?

There is no way to guarantee that your website will not get hacked or go down. If your site is hacked, let us know immediately and we will restore a working backup and investigate the source of the hack. If your site breaks while you are adding content or doing updates yourself, your plan may not cover the costs of repair and restoration.

What's the difference between the types of updates & testing?

We offer 3 types of updates and testing.

  1. Flash-testing: Basic updates include flash-testing which is a quick load of each site updated to ensure that it is at least base functioning. 
  2. In-place updates with live testing: This update type means that we will update your live website and immediately run multiple tests on it to ensure functionality.
  3. Staging area updates with offline testing: With this option, prior to updating your software, we will create a copy of your site and test the update on it.  Once testing proves satisfactory, the updates will be applied to the live site.


If, after updates, you notice your site not functioning properly, simply open a support ticket and we will resolve the issue.


How may we help you?

Whether you are looking for full brand development, brainstorming and consulting, print and digital design, a logo refresh, a new web design or a refresh of your existing website, or even just simple management and support for your existing website, brand or print materials, we have the experience and passion on our team to give you the very best.

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