Why We Love Using Social Media for Our Business…and so Should You! - V3 Media

We know we say this a lot, but it’s a great idea to have social media for your business. Without an online presence, you’re missing out on some great potential for increasing your sales and enhancing your customers’ online experience!

While we are aware that taking a break from social media is not only recommended but also necessary sometimes (depending on how often you’re on the computer), we still love social media and we think you should too! Here are some valid reasons why exactly you should board the social media train with us.

1: Because we love getting to know our customers.

Some of the posts we add to our social media are more on the lighthearted side as well as the serious side. We know there’s a time to be silly and a time to get serious with our skills. Sometimes we alert our customers to a new virus threat or we offer suggestions on how to restore a website after a hacking incident has occurred (even though it never should have happened in the first place!). Meanwhile, our customers reach out to us even if it’s just to say hello, and it feels good to say hello back!

2: Because posts can be funny.

Many posts we come across on social media are too funny (or ‘punny’) that we can’t help but share! Social media is not simply a place to post content whenever you have a new published piece. It’s about telling a story, interacting with your customers, and reaching out to others on an emotional level. Laughter and warmth, for example, are real emotions that resonate with everyone whether they’re online or offline. If your posts are making you sound any less than human, that’s a problem (albeit an easy one to solve. Check out our post on content for social media people do want to see if that’s your current weakness!).

3: Because we love to help others.

Cybercrime is still alive and well. There are still scammers out there who are more than happy to tell you the contest they shared will win you free tickets on the plane route of your choice, and all you have to do is click on the link. This is the sort of scenario we are determined to alert our customers to so they can stay safe on social media. We also like to stay up to date on and share info with others because security, whether it’s via hosting or maintaining WordPress websites, is a service we offer. Professionalism when serving others is also a crucial part of our brand, so helping others via social media makes perfect sense to us. Maybe it will help you, too!

4: Because it’s good for our business.

Social media can do more than simply be a way to talk to your customers online.

  • It’s great for SEO. Facebook is easily a great way to rank your website high on Google’s front page since it’s deemed a trustworthy website (i.e. it’s secure and it’s constantly being updated).
  • You can share content. Posting your own is obviously the best content strategy you should be doing (if you’re lacking a blog on your website, get one installed!). However, it doesn’t hurt to share others’ content, especially if it resonates with your business’s brand and its ideals, whether it’s professional but warm or quirky and upbeat.
  • Videos are a hit. The most recent statistics on visuals in marketing indicate that 500,000,000 people watch Facebook videos every day. Every. Day. And 1/3 of that time is spent watching the videos. These are numbers we can no longer afford to ignore. Sharing videos or even creating your own will help your online presence go a long, long way (see our post on video marketing if you’re not sure if this is the strategy for you).
  • GIFs are a hit too. More and more often, GIFs are being used on social media thanks to their overall visual appeal. And according to several social media platforms, that’s a good thing. Some GIFs are pretty funny, but keep in mind that humour is subjective (especially on social media). A piece of content that may seem funny to you might unintentionally hurt your brand if you share it! If you have doubts, don’t post or share it.

5: Because we want to.

Simply put, we use social media because we use it often enough to be considered a trustworthy company. We prefer being responsive to customer inquiries as opposed to not at all—the latter reaction would just be rude (like, Internet rude). We basically enjoy being online as much as enjoy being offline. Being online is merely a great way to make real offline connections happen. This, to us, is our real goal behind social media—i.e. putting the word ‘social’ first.

So, are you ready to get social on social media? If you need help with your marketing strategy or to even get your website up and running, get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you! If you’re still hesitant about social media, perhaps a one-on-one consultation with us can help you get back on the right track?