How Much Does a Website Cost?

Asking how much a website costs is like asking a car salesperson, “how much for a car” or asking as realtor “how much does a house cost”.  It sounds cliche but it’s true. This presents a couple of issues. First, this indicates that your decision is going to be based solely on cost and expense and not the actual value, benefit and experience.  Any design, be it your branding or your website, requires planning, discussion and research.  There are many factors that come into place to determine a final price.  Having the experience to understand the process to determine what is needed is what you should be looking for.

Our team has been professionally developing websites, doing design, creating and managing hosting servers, and consulting on Internet business development for over 25 years now.

Knowing your budget is important because it gives us an idea of not only how serious you are about your marketing efforts, but how ready you are to move ahead with the project.  This isn’t to say we are going to make sure to use up your entire budget and a little more.    Part of the process is determining what your goals are, what the needs of your business are, what other marketing and branding components are required to be successful, and what work needs to be done.  We provide a breakdown of the costs for every step of the building process and we have the opportunity to discuss this in conjunction with your budget. That’s what experience gets you.

Do I really need a website?

That’s an important question and the answer is quite simply, Yes! Even more importantly, you need a great website that is easy for customers to use, is scalable and maintainable, is current, and represents your organization well.     It really doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company, a national company, a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, a local small business, a cottage industry, tourism business, or just a small ma and pa shop.     Gone are the times where a website was optional – you need a website – a great website.

Remember – anyone can throw a website together, but it takes a professional to create a website that actually works for you and your customers.     How serious are you about your business?    Keep that question in mind throughout this process.    You wouldn’t hire just anyone who can use a calculator to do your books and taxes.     You wouldn’t hire just anyone with a drill and pliers to do a root canal.    Why would you settle for anything less than a professional to develop what will likely be your first impression and possibly one of the most key components of your business?

A poorly done website can very easily cost you more than a great website costs to develop.

How may we help you?

Whether you are looking for full brand development, brainstorming and consulting, print and digital design, a logo refresh, a new web design or a refresh of your existing website, or even just simple management and support for your existing website, brand or print materials, we have the experience and passion on our team to give you the very best.

May we provide you with a free, no-obligation quote?