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Website Management and Content Updates

Do you need someone to look after your website updates?

Web site management is a very important part of your online presence. You need someone who can efficiently update your site. In most cases, it’s not cost effective to have someone on staff to do this and it is almost never a good idea for someone to take on the task who’s job description is something completely different.

To solve this issue, V3 created a line of web site management services. We can do your site updates, editing, and ongoing maintenance, with or without hosting included. With our web site management and web site update service, you can be assured to maintain a current and professional Internet presence and still stay within your budget and doing your own job.

Just email us your updates and forget about it – we’ll do the rest!


Our standard hourly rate is $130/hr.

TypeMinimum ChargeUnit Rate
Programming1/2 hour$65 per 1/2 hr
Design1/2 hour$65 per 1/2 hr
General1/4 hour$32.50 per 15 mins


These packages for regular site updates give you great savings over our regular rates.

Hours included (per month)TermPrice
2 hour (4 updates)Min 6 months$95/mo
4 hours (8 updates)Min 6 months$150/mo


If you are running a WordPress site, be sure to check out our HealthySite management packages.

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