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Responsive, mobile-friendly, and effective WordPress websites.  We don’t just stop at the website design, we ensure that your site continues to be safe, functional, and up to date tomorrow and in the future.

Responsive Web Design – One Stop Digital Solution

In today’s business world, it’s hard to get ahead and even harder to stay there. When you are presenting your business to potential and existing clients, you need to be as professional and effective as possible. Don’t trust one of the most important aspects of your business marketing to fly-by-night companies, rookie developers, or do-it-yourself site-builder sites.

We are a full-service, one-stop marketing and development company that provides complete brand, design and marketing services, web design, web hosting, SEO, WordPress Maintenance Plans, and technical web solutions.    

We design great websites using the Divi framework and Divi site builder with WordPress. The websites we develop are powerful and simple to maintain and expand.    

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Asking how much a website costs is like asking a car salesperson, “how much for a car” or asking as realtor “how much does a house cost”.  It sounds cliche but it’s true.  As with anything that has a huge number of variables and options, the cost of a website can vary.  Although budget is going to be an important factor, basing your decision solely on price is not the best method to creating a successful website.

Our team has been professionally developing websites, doing design, creating and managing hosting servers, and consulting on Internet business development for over 26 years now.

Prices range update depending on your particular requirements. Click here to see how our design process works.

How Long Does it Take?

The timeline for building depends a lot on how big the site is, how long it takes to get the final content approved and in our hands, as well as our production schedule.   A web agency that’s been around since the beginning of the web is in high demand!   Typically, however, the average website will take around 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

Any more questions?

There’s no end to the questions that you can ask us with regards to website design and hosting.   Let’s try to answer some of the most common:

Does V3 need to host the sites they design?
Absolutely not.   We are more than happy to assist in setting up your website on the host of your choosing.  We’ll even help you find a suitable host if we don’t have the hosting you require.  There are going to be technical requirements that we can assist you with that would be needed.

For the sake of maintenance and troubleshooting, however, it is much simpler for us to host it as we then have full access to the server level logs and options to make things work better.

In addition, our WP Care+ Plans include hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress.

Will my website work on tablets, phones and other mobile devices?
Absolutely.   Every WordPress site we build is built responsively so that it works on all devices and screen sizes.
Is my site going to be optimized for search engines? (SEO)
Part of the process of quoting on your website project is to determine what the purpose of your site is and how it is intended to function.  Not every site needs SEO but we will quote accordingly.

In most cases, the websites we develop are optimized for search engines.   We work with your to ensure that the content for the site works as it is intended.

Do you create the content for my website?
Determining who supplies all of the content for the site is part of the discovery process when we quote on your project.

We can absolutely write the content for your site as well as supply high-end, suitable stock or custom photography.

I need a logo. Can V3 do that?
We can develop your logo, your business cards, flyers, and your signage.  We can help you develop your entire brand!

As a full design agency, websites is only part of what we offer.

Can you write my blogs for me?
With a few notes and some direction, we can supply weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blogs for your website.

As well, we can also look after your social media in conjunction with your blog posts.

Let us tell you about our web design process and get some information from you so that we can provide additional information – no obligation!

Nanaimo Financial testimonial screenshot

My company website needed to be redone and I decided to do some research on local web design companies. One of my main goals was to rank higher in google search and I felt choosing a designer who had managed to rank well in google search would be a good place to start. After a quick search V3 Media came up right away. I took a look at some of their previous work and it looked very well done so I contacted Jamie for more information. The pricing was fair so I decided to go ahead and enlist V3 Media to design the new site. I gave Jamie a brief example of what I was looking for and informed him to use his expertise in the design of the site. The design came out better than expected.

As a financial services company I face stringent regulation on what I can post on the website. This led to various exchanges with my compliance department. Jamie simply asked me to forward him the compliance departments requirements and they would take care of it. I was expecting this to be a much more difficult experience but V3 Media took care of it for us. Overall I was very pleased with my experience with V3 Media and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Greg Tomkins

Financial Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd.

How may we help you?

Whether you are looking for full brand development, brainstorming and consulting, print and digital design, a logo refresh, a new web design or a refresh of your existing website, or even just simple management and support for your existing website, brand or print materials, we have the experience and passion on our team to give you the very best.

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