SEO – Search Engine Optimization

While you may save yourself a little bit of money doing your own search engine optimization (SEO) at first, you may be costing yourself a small fortune in potential business and top desired traffic in the long run.

SEO - Optimizing for Search Engines

Some might believe or lead you to believe that if you put a website online, people will show up and your business will grow. That’s like putting in a phone line and waiting for it to ring – it’s just not going to happen.

Others might convince you that if you submit your website to all of the search engines, users will find you and visit your website in droves. That’s like leaving a pile of flyers at all the bus stops in your area. Someone might pick one up, but it’s not effective marketing by any means.

It’s worth taking a moment to read about the kind of damage that a bad SEO job can do to your website.



  • URL checking and optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • XML sitemap generation and submission


  • Website copy optimization
  • Meta data optimization
  • Image Alt tag optimization

SEO Ranking Reports (up to 10 terms) $40/mo
SEO Ranking Reports (up to 20 terms) $60/mo

(Ranking report pricing is also available as an add-on to our WP Care+ Maintenance packages at a lower monthly price)

Understanding Your Search Marketing Targets

It’s easy for SEO companies to say “pick 4 or 5 phrases you want for the search engines”. While this has become general practice amongst many companies, it is one of the worst marketing values (we consider it amateur SEO), and can cost you potential business.

Sometimes knowing your own business and industry so well can become a detriment. Businesses become accustomed to using specific industry terms daily, and it becomes second nature and expected that these will be your same desired ranking targets. However, the layman or general visitor may not know the exact words or phrasing you use daily. More often than not, they’ll search using more basic or casual words, hoping to somehow find what they’re looking for.

If you only target specific industry terms, you can easily be missing 70-80% of your potential customers who aren’t using your workplace terminology.

When we examine your site for optimization, we analyze the content to see just how the search engines will see what the keywords are on each page.  We optimize every individual page based on its content strength and search target range.

Zero Tolerance for Black Hat Techniques

We employ a zero tolerance policy for any unethical Black Hat optimization! When optimizing websites, we do not use any SEO tricks or Black Hat SEO techniques for short term gain. Companies which employ such illicit tactics place their clients under very serious risk — your site is in jeopardy of getting penalized by the search engines, and even possibly blacklisted entirely. Ranking banishments can take years and thousands of dollars to undo. Our experts are restricted to use only ethical, White Hat, search engine friendly SEO and marketing methods.

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