Truth be told, doing tech support can be difficult sometimes, but it can also be a very rewarding task.

There’s a wonderful feeling you get when you get a call from someone who is at their wits end with frustration and you are able to the solve the problem for them.

However, getting to the solution can be very difficult sometimes.      When I am troubleshooting issues on our servers, I have many tools and data that I use to figure out where the problems lie, trace emails, track IP addresses and other things.

For anyone providing technical support, it is imperative that the problem be able to be recreated.   Without it, the actual issue is nearly impossible to trace and a solution remains elusive.

When you are requesting technical support from any company, be prepared to provide enough step by step detail when making your request so that the support folks can recreate the problem and provide a solution.     If you can, provide this in the initial support request so that a solution can be found quicker and without delays.

Not only does this provide solutions for your technical support people, but it allows them to find solutions for you too!