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Please complete this design brief so that we can provide you with a quote.

To provide a solution and online strategy, we need understand a little about your business. This section will provide some details about the project.

Tell us about the products and services that you offer.

When you tell us your budget for this project, you are also telling us that you have planned properly and have set a value on it. Most importantly, the number tells us how we can assist you in finding the most appropriate solution and avoid solutions that are outside of your price range.

What's the job?

Something has brought you to the point of being in search of a new website. It's important to set goals that are measurable, achievable, and specific. What are the needs of your new site?

List the goals you wish to achieve with a new website. Please add at least 3.

Tell us about the things that your current website is doing well for you and why.

Who is the audience?

Having goals for your website is important but in order to achieve those, we need to make sure the site is useful to your existing and future clients. We need to make sure that the site is designed so that your ideal customer enjoys the experience of using your site and fully understands the message you are trying to give.

Where are they from? Who are they? How old are they? Where would you think to find them online? What are their interests?

Why would you anticipate that your ideal customer would come to your site? Contact info? Get information about services? Get pricing? Learn about the company? Support? To make a purchase? Give us at least 5 reasons.

What is this going to look like?

Your website is, in many cases, the first impression of your business. How do you present your business and who is your competition?

When people are presented with your brand, how do you want them to react? Safe and secure? Exclusive? Cool? Friendly? Edgy and excited? Traditional? Leading edge?

If your competitors have websites, list the addresses here so that we can be sure to make yours better!

Who are you competing with for your ideal customer? Tell us what you think they are doing that is working.

We want to know what you like. Tell us about at least 3 websites you like the design of. Why do you like them?

Usually, from research as well as your competitor's websites, we will have a good idea of what pages you NEED for the site to perform well. You may have some specific ideas as to what pages you want to see on your site. Please list those here.

A few more things...

We just need a few more bits of information.

Different companies are at different stages and have different needs. Let us know what services you need from us.

If you have not viewed the package types on our site and found a specific package to fit your needs, choose custom quote and we'll create a package for you.

How many products, what kinds of options per product, how many images per product, etc.. Do you want us to initially add your products or just create a template and instructions to add them?

Discounts will be applied into your quote/contract. Please note that this field IS case sensitive.


What are you going to use to measure the success of your website strategy? What are the targets? What is the criteria? Please be as descriptive as you possibly can.

Is there anything we didn't ask that you think is important to the success of your new website strategy?


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