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Referral Program

Our Referral Program is our way of saying “Thank you!”

We want to make sure that we show our gratitude for people referring business to us.     For over 15 years, our business has been built on those referrals and this is our way of saying “Thank You”.       Personal recommendations and referrals are one of the highest compliments we can receive and we value them highly.

Our Referral Program

When you recommend us to a prospective client and the referral results in new business for us, we want to thank you, the referrer, with a 10% Referral Bonus.

For example, if you refer someone to us for hosting, and they opt for our Hosting10 annual hosting package for $100/yr, you’ll get a credit of $10!  If you refer someone to us for a new website, and they purchase a $2,000 website, you’ll get a credit of $200!!  That let’s you keep your cash to do what you want with!

So, if you have friends, family or business associates that you think would benefit from using V3 Mediaworks, simply recommend us to them and make sure they mention your name.     To make sure you get credit for the referral, use the referral form below (make sure you let them know first and get their permission!).


Best of all, there is no limit on how many referrals you can earn a reward from!!     For example, if you refer 5 people to us that purchase new websites for $1,500 each, you’ll earn $750!  ( 5 x 10% of $1500)


Here’s the fine print (because there always has to be some fine print):

  • Referral rewards are paid only on the initial sale and not on a recurring basis
  • We must be notified by you about the referral prior to hearing from the client or be informed of the referral from the client prior to purchase to qualify for the referral reward
  • Referral reward credits will be made thirty days after the customer makes their final payment on the eligible sale
  • All referrals are paid in Canadian dollars
  • Referral rewards are not transferrable and will only be paid out to the individual that the client first identifies as being the referrer
  • You may not refer yourself
  • Referral rewards are only paid on sales made through our office, not on sales made through resellers, agents or sales partners
  • Referral rewards are not payable on promotional or sale priced services

Register and send us your referral

Use this form to register your referral with us. Referrals are only valid if we know BEFORE we begin consultations with the client.Please make sure you have your referral's permission for us to contact them before completing this form.

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