Loyalty Program - V3 Media

We Appreciate Customer Loyalty

…and we want to thank you for yours


Something we’ve noticed over the years is that when someone becomes our customer, they rarely leave.  We don’t take that for granted.     Our customers know that we appreciate their loyalty and we like to make sure that they get looked after.

One way we can demonstrate our loyalty to our customers, is by rewarding them for staying with us.  That’s why we’ve developed a simple philosophy — if we’ve developed a website or branding for you in the past, your next website and branding will get special pricing.    It’s our way of saying thank you for staying with us.  Even if you were with us in the past but had to leave for whatever reason, we want to thank you for coming back!

Let us quote on your next project.    Unless you’ve changed your identity, chances are we remember almost each and every customer we’ve had, but let us know who you are and receive a pleasant surprise from us.


Thank you – we really do appreciate your business.