Lately we have seen an uptick on cheap websites being built and paid for. Business owners tend to choose cheaper websites for several reasons:

  1. Their budget has been tightened, especially in 2020;
  2. The idea of a cheap website that helps students and tech people on their career paths sounds appealing;
  3. The idea of paying less for more is also very appealing.

Have you ever wondered what exactly you get when you buy a business website that’s less than what we charge at V3 Media? Today, we feel the need to really illuminate some things for business owners who are genuinely considering the route of a cheap business website, so let’s go over together what exact end results you’ll be paying for…and also mention what you’ll be sorely missing out on as a result.

1. Something that is Absolutely Not in Your Control

One thing we know for certain is that when it comes to your company, there are a ton of decisions to be made. Probably so many so that you dream of not having to make so many down the road. However, there is such a thing as losing all creative control, and it’s not something you may realize you wanted until it’s gone and out of your grasp.

Want to change your logo’s colours? Too bad, it no longer belongs to you. Find a typo and need to change it? Too bad, you already paid for that typo and maybe several others. Need to make minor tweaks to your SEO, such as adding new information about a new office? No can do. Want to add a blog after the site’s launch? That’ll cost you extra, both time and money wise (oh wait, sorry, that option didn’t exist in the first place. So, no organic SEO for you either! Sorry, that’s just how it is!).

Do you see now how much control you can actually have overall for a website? Why settle for a cheaper website when you can pay a little more and still be in complete control of the hosting and domain itself? A cheap website, on the other hand, no longer belongs to you as soon as you sign the contract to get started—in fact, it was never yours to begin with. The company that built your website for you owns it now. And there’s nothing you can do about that, except try to buy it off of them…and that’s also going to cost you big time.

2. No Attention Given to Detail

There is so, so much more to getting a great website than simply hiring a designer to make a website look pretty. There are lots of details to comb over and ensure they all work and function smoothly when combined, from copywriting to search engine optimization to project management to communications…the list goes on and on. Every single detail affects how smoothly a website development project will go and will ultimately determine how many more leads and sales your site will bring once it’s launched.

When you settle on a cheaper website project, your site basically goes into the hands of designers and developers who are not only amateur, but who are also in a rush to get everything done. Anyone can build a website with a drag and drop template, but it’s the details that tell your company’s story that will be missed and they’re details an amateur designer can’t see or they’re unable to deal with them. Even us professional web designers need time to ensure everything in a website is done properly.

3. Lack of Testing for Better Quality

Going back to the rushing part, everyone knows that the more time you have to work on something, the more time you have to really address the nitty gritty. We’re referring to all of the backlinks, code, communication channels, and other smaller details that can make or break a good website. You don’t realize how important these things are until there comes a time you need to use them…and they don’t work, because they were never tested in the first place. Because, again, your website was a rush job.

A professional web dev company tests, and tests, and tests a site again pre-launch, all while keeping you up to date on how progress is going. You’re not settling for someone who’s completely new to the site development process—rather, you’re working with someone who’s had 30+ years of experience and been through the site building process hundreds of thousands of times. Putting your site in the hands of professionals means less time on your hands to spend doing it yourself (or having someone else DIY it for you)—and these days, time is money.

You Get What You Pay For…Don’t Settle for Less

Yes, you can settle on hiring a freelance designer or an up and coming agency, but as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” That 100% applies to cheap websites. If you settle on this type of project, you’re going to get a lacklustre site that doesn’t generate the sales you’re looking for or feel and look cohesive in terms of functionality and design.

If you want a top-notch website for your business, you’re going to have to pay top dollar. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you’re ready to make such an investment for your company’s sake, give us a call at V3. We know you care about your business…don’t settle for less when it comes to your website.