The domain name of a website is the number one way for customers to find you and your business online. Finding the perfect domain name is a huge task in and of itself, and there are tips online galore about how to pick the best name for your new website domain (if it’s even accessible…there’s a lot of tips about that too!).

That being said, for every good website domain name, there are plenty of mistakes that unfortunately make the wrong kind of impression, albeit unintentionally. They’re also unintentionally funny in and of themselves. Today, let’s take a look at some of the biggest blunders worth mentioning and just take some time to have a little laughter in our day.

And yes. Some of these are/were legit business websites.


What’s crap? It’s crap? Or IT Scrap, which is pretty much the actual purpose of this website? We can’t tell either.


Every slacking student’s nightmare (or just about anybody’s!)! It’s meant to be Teachers Talking, by the way, not…you know.


Either this is a very naughty winter edition of an online porn magazine, or it’s a newspaper site specifically based in Winters, California. It’s hard to say.


You know, for Ben Dover! Who or what did you think we meant??


Why choose Spain now that COVID-19 is a thing?! Don’t you watch the news?! …Oh, wait.


A domain name made just for those who are big bus enthusiasts, of course. It’s not about…never mind!!


Oh, the possibilities of this one…although we’re pretty they mean Speed OF Art.


Because you never know when you need to learn about the NY Canals…you know, a perfectly innocent subject and not at all dirty in the least.


Who Represents? help you find talent agents for famous people. It’s definitely a red herring for those with their mind in the gutter and want presents from “ladies of the night,” so to speak.


Need a new pen? Pen Island is apparently the best go-to…too bad the name suggests a completely different location.

These names and many more are exactly why having a professional website company on your side helps! Give us a call at V3 if you’d like a second pair of eyes for your domain name, your website, and everything in between. And let us know if you’ve come across any more such websites with funny names! They’re always good for a laugh.