We love building websites. To us, there’s no better sight than a customer who’s gotten their business off the ground or back in action with a new and improved website and are having greater success than before. It’s one of many reasons why we continually insist that getting a new website built from scratch is the best way to go about getting a new website, if and when it’s time.

Now you may be thinking “Oh, V3’s at it again…” That’s because it’s true. It’s less expensive to get a new website than it is to simply give your old site a makeover, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how to tell it may be time for your business to get a new website.

  1. It’s stopped making a good impression

Maybe your new website a few years ago was built for your start-up. It probably worked fine then, but now that you’ve established yourself and are in it for the long-term, that site no longer shows your best side. What looked professional and new back then may definitely not appear as such now!

Building a new website for your business will give it the fresh new look and feel your first online impression should give. A new look will not only convince people to stay on your site for more than a few seconds, but also it will help retain those visitors and possibly even convert them into paying customers.

  1. You haven’t updated the tech needed for it

Whether your website was developed using WordPress or a different content management system (CMS), you always need to upgrade to the software’s latest version in order to keep your website running smoothly. Likewise, if your site consists of a shopping cart that’s also out of date, you’re leaving your site—and its good reputation—vulnerable to hackers and other malicious cyber attacks.

By getting a new site built by V3, you are in turn preventing would-be hackers and attacks from infiltrating your site, stealing your personal and financial information, and creating chaos. Our plans can keep cybercriminals and data breaches away as well as put a stop to spam or virus installation via e-mail or other means.

  1. It’s not a mobile-friendly website

A website that was built pre-mobile usage will not run as well across multiple devices. It’s no longer helpful to your business that your site only works on desktop computers. According to recent research, more and more people now rely on their mobile phones to access information and purchase items or services and have done so since 2016. Even Google is aware of this change in the way we search for information, rolling out a mobile-first indexing rule (you can read about that here) as well as several other updates to their algorithm to align themselves with these recent developments.

It’s no longer an option to make your business’s website responsive and mobile-friendly. It’s necessary in order for your site to prosper online.

  1. Your sales are suffering from it

Going back to the mobile-friendly necessity, that’s where most sales for companies are taking place nowadays. That being said, that’s only one reason why you’re currently losing out on sales, leads, and conversions. It’s easy to assume the reason is a purely visual aspect, but the reality is there are so many reasons as to why. Some other reasons can be a severe lack of responsiveness, combined with a poor layout and poor quality content. All of these combined could all be present on your current website and culminate into a big red flag that you need a new website.

People will not buy from a company if they don’t trust it. How you present your business to the world online does matter. It’s time to stop thinking the truth is otherwise.

  1. Your brand’s focus has changed

It’s a fact of life that businesses shift their brand and its focus over time. It happens anytime there are new products and services developed, you decide to target new demographics, or you learn from past mistakes made.

Your ideal target market should be the driving force behind what your website looks like and why. It should also influence the kind of content you want to create and present to the online world. Your new website should consist of this new look and focus, so that it matches your current and ever-changing marketing plan.

In addition to realigning your brand and its focus via your site, it’s good to add new and updated information. Examples include new employee information on the team or about web page, changing contact information if you moved to a new location (and initiating this change outside of your website!), and updating your own credentials across your site and outside of it such as on social media. Keep in mind that all of these new changes should not only go on your website, but be displayed across all sites where you list your business, with consistently correct information.

The benefits outweigh the downsides!

Yes, it’s expensive to get a new website—but it really, really doesn’t have to be. The sooner you stop putting off getting a new website, the less expensive it will be for you and your company in the long-term—and it won’t cost your customers as a result either!

Give us a call if you’d like to get your business’s new website started today. It could be the best decision you make for it this year.