Are you a business owner who is in charge of managing your company’s website? Perhaps your website is an ecommerce one and you’re keen on getting as many customers per day as humanly possible. If you are, then you already know that running a website is a lot of work.

Have you included maintenance in your regular routine too? If that answer is no, it really should be. If you don’t maintain your website, you’re more likely than not going to run into a ton of issues along the way. There are a lot of other good reasons to keep your business’s website maintained—we’ll give you five!

  1. It’s Good to Check

You may think your website is running great at first glance, but we guarantee that without maintenance you will always miss a few errors that need addressing. Even the most minor issue can create a significant impact on the impression customers have of your website, and therefore your business. Some are minor, like a single broken link, to major such as a broken page relating to your business’s conversions and sales.

However big or small the issue is, you can’t take the chance of letting a customer find it before you do, because any website that’s perceived to be poorly maintained will suggest there is a low level of care and management present. That’s the last thing a customer wants to find out if they’re considering purchasing your product or service!

  1. Your Site Stays Up to Date

That platform for your website that you invested your time and money into two years ago—maybe even 10 years ago—is definitely not the same one your site currently runs on. There may even have been significant changes made within the last few months, or weeks! These changes can apply to SEO, or the performance of site pages, or even usability. Keeping your site maintained can ensure your platform can accommodate these changes, whatever kind they are.

  1. You Stay Secure

This is one of the biggest reasons your website needs to stay maintained and updated. No business is completely invulnerable to security issues, but a site that’s poorly maintained leaves you wide open for a cyberattack. Valuable personal data relevant to you or, even worse, your customers may be greatly exposed and then used by cyber criminals. All it takes is one breach in security and boom—your brand image and reputation are damaged beyond repair.

Keeping your website maintained and secure will demonstrate to your customers that you care about their safety online. No customer wants to buy from a business that doesn’t put their concerns and priorities at the forefront of its goals. That’s what makes maintaining a website and ensuring its security such a brilliant way to earn trust from new customers!

  1. Your Online Ranking is Maintained Too

Yes, even your online rank on Google is affected by how well or poorly you maintain your website. Some of the most white hat SEO practices involve ensuring a website loads fast and smooth without any interruption, which in turn provides an awesome user experience. As a result, your properly maintained and fast-loading website may make customers so happy with visiting your website that they stay and visit longer on your website and, potentially, recommend it via online reviews and discussions. All of these leads to an excellent rating online, which can then boost your site’s conversions and sales.  

  1. You’ll Save Money

Even to this day technology is advancing, which means eventually you will need to update your site accordingly. You may think it’s best to do this every two years with a huge overhaul, but that’s actually very expensive to do. By going that route, tasks which are usually performed in minutes end up becoming massive projects requiring hours of work to complete. That’s why it’s best you build up the changes over time instead—it will save you a lot of money down the road, and gradual changes can accommodate even the slimmest budget. You can invest in a monthly cost for maintenance plans, which means you’ll be able to accept fully serviced site maintenance packages that fit your specific needs.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to keep your business’s website maintained. Why not take things a step further and get help from experts who have maintained sites for over 20 years? Give us a call at V3 Media and find out why we’re the right people for the job.