If your business has a website, it needs a blog. You may be wondering, “Does every business really need to have a blog though?” (In addition you might also be thinking things like “I don’t have time for that” or “It’s not worth it”—here’s why that train of thought is actually very damaging to your business!).

To answer your question, we say: yes! A blog on your business’s website is very much worth the time and effort to create and publish new posts, and here are the main reasons why yours should have one—provided it doesn’t exist already.

Add your voice to the conversation

Having a blog on a website enables you to create a voice for your company’s brand, as well as use that voice to talk about new products or services, share company initiatives beyond the website, and comment on the latest news and trends. By adding your own voice to the conversation, it triggers a two-way conversation between you and the many customers, prospects, and like-minded peers in your industry. By contributing to a blog you are in fact encouraging others to provide feedback, comments, and interaction. Just be sure to reply to those comments as best you can!

Organic SEO

It goes without saying that the more high-quality blog posts you publish, the more search engines will love you for it! Now that Google+ will be out of the picture, and the ability to sow organic SEO via that social network has faded out, you will have to adapt to other means of getting your content out there without simply adding to the white noise that is the Internet.

Great for content strategies

Perhaps you want to expand your business’s presence into other areas such as social media and e-mail, or maybe you want to start making videos. A blog can be the space where all of your best ideas are showcased and presented to the rest of the world—you just have to use it and also promote the fact you have one in the first place! Create a schedule and stick to that schedule for posting new content in order to see successful results.

Pitches you as an authority

A blog will help you to continue talking about your field of expertise, stay on top of the inner workings of the industry you work in, and demonstrate your knowledge of said industry. The stronger your knowledge is and the stronger your communication about it is, the greater your authority on the subject and, also, the likelier you will build trust. Trust is what creates loyal customers in the first place, and that sense of loyalty can make them return time and again to your business.

Enhances your professionalism

If you want any chance of seeming unique compared to business A and business B down the street from you, who also serve within the industry you are in, a blog can help with that. On the outside you may appear to sell similar products or offer similar services, but it’s how you communicate those aspects of your business that will help you stand out, and every voice is unique in terms of blogging. Use that sense of uniqueness to your advantage via a blog and it will enhance your professional presence as well as help you stand out against the competition.

Now, ready to get a blog on your website? Or is your site out of date and needs an upgrade from the bottom-up? If so, give us a call at V3 Media! If you want to talk more about blogging or anything else your website may need to succeed online, why not hash it over with us in a one-on-one consultation? You pick the date, and we’ll come to you if vice versa isn’t possible.