The entire world seems to be on social media, doesn’t it? Whatever account you log in to, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, odds are you’ll find someone looking for what your business can offer…that is, if it looks like you’re on your account daily, i.e. there’s a lot of social media content you’ve posted.

If you’re posting daily but not getting a lot of feedback, there could be a few reasons why. Sometimes the content you post has already had its say, or it’s recycled to the point where it’s tiresome. We’re not putting down recycled content at all—some of it needs to be recycled for the sake of reminding people of valuable info—but if you’re recycling the same post almost daily, people will notice and they won’t like it.

If this sounds similar to you—or it is you—we know how to help. These examples are of social media content people really want to see from your business.


Who doesn’t love winning free stuff? Country Grocer, Turley’s Florist, The WAVE.FM, and so on—what all of these businesses have in common is that they offer something you may need to pay for regularly, and in doing so they help their customers save money on going out for dinner or finding the perfect gift or even saving up on their grocery bill—all of which target their pain points. How? By posting the contests on social media.

Most of these contests are basic enough, requiring you to “Like” their page and then comment on and share the contest post. Even if it’s just for a free t-shirt or a new calendar, or even a discount on a service, people love winning things for free. See what pain points your business can offer to your fans on social media and get engaged with them in this way! Any time of the year, especially on holidays, would be a great time to host a contest, whether it’s Christmas or even the unusual ones such as Talk Like a Pirate Day (it’s September 19, by the way—in case you didn’t know).

Cute/Cool/Funny/Any Photos & Videos

Nothing makes people go “Awww!” or “Oooh!” or even “LOL” than seeing something in an image or video that catches their eye. Here’s where some local businesses such as veterinary offices have it made; there are all kinds of cute pets they can post about on social media! Baby product places can post about their infant clients, and even photographers can show off their skills by posting their photos and videos. This is the kind of social media content that hotels and resorts especially rely on the most.

What is there about your business that will attract people in video or photo format? Maybe it’s before and after shots of your service or product in action. Maybe it’s videos of satisfied customers who want to talk more about your business. Or maybe it’s photos of your business from a local convention you were a part of. Whatever the case, photos and videos are a must for social media.

Blog Posts

The reason we keep insisting you have a blog on your website (despite some of the reasons why you may not have a blog) is because a blog is a great way to add unique content to your social media, as well as build some great back links in the process! This is what we call a white-hat SEO tactic, which is what our company is all about. If your blog posts also focus on certain pain points or bring up a different perspective on certain trends happening in your industry, then all the better!

Updates About Your Company

Have your hours of operation changed for the holidays? Are you going to be attending a major event or convention related to your industry? Do you have any interesting new developments about your business you’d like your fans to know about? These updates all count as good content to post about on social media no matter what your platform of choice may be.

If the updates are related to a change of address (or perhaps you’re updating your website), don’t forget to update your social media profiles as well as post about it. That way your NAP (name, address, and phone number) will be consistent once the transition is complete.


Sometimes you need your fans’ perspectives when it comes to making a decision or it’s time to rethink an aspect of your company such as your brand. With that being said, surveys can be created on social media (Twitter especially is a good place to do this) if you’re ever in need of guidance about a question you want to pose to your fans and get feedback on things such as improvements, or just any burning questions you’ve been meaning to ask.

Rules of Thumb

What all of these examples have in common with each other is following the basic rules of thumb when it comes to posting content on social media:

  • Be positive
  • Be engaging with your audience—don’t just talk at them, talk with them
  • Be tactful
  • Funny videos or photos should be posted in good taste—humour is subjective so if you’re not really sure about a post, don’t share it on your business page
  • Do respond to complaints or bad reviews but don’t lower yourself to their level
  • Most importantly, have fun!

If you’re still not sure how best to post your social media content or need help with your campaigns, contact us at V3 Media. We offer one-on-one consultations about this sort of subject, and many more!