We’ve mentioned before how hiring certain website companies to develop and design your website has its severe drawbacks. What’s worse about these companies is that their clients think everything is okay, only to find that it’s not—and then they’re forced to pay out of their own pockets just to get the rights to own their website back. In the worst cases, not only is the money gone but they still don’t have their website back because it turns out they never owned it to begin with!

We highly recommend you read this list before shopping around for a website company as it explains these three glaring red flags that your website is in the wrong hands.

1: Their lack of communication

This should be your absolute biggest red flag of all. We personally believe that communication is of the utmost importance when it comes to our clients. We’re willing to go so far as to offer one-on-one consultations in person—even if that means travelling long distances.

A company that provides only silence despite your sending them e-mail after e-mail and question after question regarding your website is not a company you want to deal with—especially if you have valid concerns or complaints about how the website they made for you is functioning.

2: Your ranking

In the hands of a good website company, your website’s ranking will not suffer. It may not reach #1 on Google for a while, but as far as ranking goes it should at least be higher than before on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages). A website owned by another, less than able company may only be ranking in a certain way or not at all because a) you didn’t put any extra budget into the marketing and b) they own your website, and not you.

This is why some websites rank lower than others, or why Adwords traffic is only generated through certain variations of your website but not your regular one. They may own your domain without your realizing until it’s too late, and frankly, they’re not looking to part ways with it. But that means you’re probably missing out on traffic, sales, and interest that you—and we mean you, specifically—could be gaining.

3: Their claims

“We’ll get you to #1 on Google!” If any website company tells you this and they’re trying to sell you their services…run, run away from them! As we’ve explained in an earlier blog post, there is no guarantee that a website can reach #1 on Google. The rank can be improved, but the #1 spot is impossible.

You should watch out for these other claims, too, just in case:

  • “I’ll drive UNLIMITED quality traffic for a month”
  • “We have a special relationship with Google”
  • “Sign up for our free trial for SEO”
  • “We’ll get you top ranking in only 48 hours”
  • “We offer the lowest price on your web development/design/SEO—guaranteed!”

These are all scams by companies trying to take advantage of you! Don’t believe these claims for even a second. Stay far, far away from the companies who say these things.

We want you to have the best website possible. One thing you will not find at V3 Media are far-fetched claims of greatness at a cheap cost. What you will find is a great, fully functioning, beautifully designed website that you and you alone own. If that sounds like the deal you want for your website, contact us today. Unlike the scammers, we take pride in providing open communication with you as much as possible—especially when it comes to answering your questions!