We hear a lot about how Google+ is a “useless” social media platform. In some ways the people making this claim are correct. However, our reasoning is completely different from theirs: we think it’s because they don’t know how to use the platform properly.

Like any website or social media platform, the best way to use Google+ is to treat it like you would your website. Think of it as a positive way to engage with your target audience, build interest, and contribute to the conversation. If you’re still hesitant about using Google+, here are some benefits to help convince you otherwise.

1: It Indexes Your Website

If you have a blog, then posting your content on Google+ is a must. It gives you the opportunity to receive social recommendations from other active users. This is done via the +1 button visible on each post. If you add the +1 button feature on your website too, you can receive even more shares.

It gets better. Any posts on Google+ get indexed way, way faster than normal. This will increase the likelihood of your content appearing in search engine results, both by your Google+ network and regular virtual passersby.

To get more engagement on your Google+ profile, approach the content you post the same way you would your website. Do your keyword research, optimize the post properly (i.e. no keyword stuffing), make sure it’s a post worth reading, and then add it to your Google+ page. Rinse and repeat.

2: It’s More Active than You Realize

Despite the claims it’s not as popular as other social media platforms, Google+ is in fact more active than ever. To date, it has over 135 million active users, and 60% of them log in every day. You think that number’s big? Consider this: a whopping 500 million users have Google+ enabled accounts.

Wow! And they say it’s not a handy social media platform to have? We beg to differ.

3: It’s Good SEO Practice

Some businesses such as doctor and dental offices cannot and should not be optimizing their website as if it can serve globally. Unless you serve multiple cities by traveling to them, odds are you’re not likely to offer healthcare to people in India when you are located in Calgary.

So what can you do instead? Simply prioritize local SEO by using Google+. Local pages are indexed in Google search results, so have a strong local Google+ page with encouraging reviews, correct and consistent contact information, and high engagement with other Google+ users. It will benefit your brick-and-mortar location greatly. It will also help your company get some much-needed notice especially if you want to start targeting locally charged keywords in your website’s SEO. If you already have a local Google+ page, try creating a business page and then merging it with your personal one to access even more features that will boost your business.

Do you use Google+? Want to get started on using it? Contact us at V3 Media and we can try and make it happen. Our price quote on any facet of your website, whether it’s design or social media, is free of charge!