Your brand is one, if not the most, important aspects of your company. It defines who you are to the world and what you can provide to it – not just in terms of products or services, but also the more prominent features such as great customer service, high quality products, compassion for your audience, and so on.

You would not believe how many business owners dive right into marketing their company without really focusing on their brand – they think the logo is the only thing people will notice and then care about. We are here to tell you the facts: the logo is not enough, and if you don’t even know how to approach your brand, you are in for an uphill struggle when it comes to standing out over your competitors. So without further ado, here are some tips from us to you on how to really, really develop your brand, whether it’s for a new one or a rejuvenation.

Take a Look at Your Audience

Before you jump the gun on relaunching a new or renovated brand, we advise you to really take a closer look at what matters the most: your audience. If you want to step up your game, you need to really consider the way in which your target audience thinks and speaks – not imitate the way your competitors think and speak to them.

Really focus on the things your audience is looking for from you. Check the online reviews of your company to see if there are still areas where improvements can be made in terms of helping them find what they need. Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to get a good idea of the demographics you’re currently targeting. Above all else, if change is going to happen, communicate about that change. Talking about rejuvenating your brand to your audience may actually prove beneficial – it will keep them informed of any new changes your website may be undergoing as well as build up some anticipation as to what new changes to expect, which means more attention paid to your company.

Revisit Some Basics

We know this sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how easy it is to lose your focus and sight as far as branding is concerned. Goals for businesses change all the time, even daily depending on how sales are going, and it’s likely your brand is not the same as it was when you first developed it.

So this is going to sound weird, but you really should treat yourself like you’re in a psychologist’s office. Ask yourself the following, now or at some point in the future:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you think wants your product or service?
  • What can you offer that business Y or business Z cannot?
  • Why are you in this business?
  • Do you care only a little about your business or a lot?
  • How do you best want to connect to your customer base or clientele?

Bearing these questions in mind at any given time can help you to refocus your brand. Whether it’s to revisit your current one or if you’re only starting out, these are great questions to fully answer. We also advise you to do the following:

Revisit Your Logo, Too

Even though it’s not nearly the same as your brand, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it entirely – in fact, your logo should be included in redevelopment or new development of your brand. Basically the logo is the physical aspect that reflects what your brand means to customers or clients, whereas the entire brand itself is all psychological. Combined, the logo and brand are what can really help you get your company’s name out there for the world to see.

Once the logo part is done, that’s when you really, absolutely need to apply your brand to everything – and we mean everything. Not only should you add your new logo to business cards, but you also need to remember to apply the new logo to several other important facets of your company: social media accounts, flyers, brochures, e-mail signatures, your website – the whole nine yards. That way not only will your brand be consistent in both offline and online marketing platforms, but also should anyone stumble across your Facebook page it will connect back to you.

Still confused, or feel like you need help? Let us try to give you a hand. Contact V3 Media today. We’re more than happy to lend you an ear if you think your brand is in need of a do-over.