Mobile websites. They’re ever-increasing in popularity even in 2017, with 80% of Internet users owning at least one smartphone. Not only are we more reliant on smartphones for information, but we’ve also grown more aware of their power and worth to businesses, whether they’re a small florist shop, the bakery down the street, or somebody looking to make a living off of their hobby such as those you find on Etsy. Whatever the reason, mobile websites seem like they’re here to stay, and we’re here to say you need one too.

Why? Well, because we have four good reasons, which we’re going to over right about…now!

  1. More Traffic and Sales

Let’s get our biggest reason out in the open: a mobile website may be exactly what your company needs, especially if it’s an ecommerce website. In fact, one study showed that 55% of time spent on buying an item happened on a mobile device. Nowadays it seems people are more likely to purchase an item from a mobile website than a desktop one, especially if they don’t have time to make an in-store purchase.

Having a mobile website will also save your customers time and energy from standing in long queues, and if the customer service of your website is really good, then trust is more easily formed between you and the customers – which is exactly what you both need and, most likely, want.

  1. Immediate Contact

This is where your company’s contact information really comes into play. On your mobile website, the telephone number (toll-free or public, depending on your target audience) should be visible immediately in the mobile site header – not at the bottom. Regarding other vital contact and visible information, these elements should be visible from the moment your customers reach your mobile website:

  • Logo
  • Title of the company
  • Clickable telephone number
  • Clickable e-mail address
  • Payment information (optional)
  • Social media accounts

We added the logo because that will cement your brand and identity to your customers and help them remember your services – especially if they’re top-notch. For more information regarding how best to approach your company’s logo, read our blog post on the subject.

Time is precious to customers, especially if they’re on the go – hence why mobile websites are increasing in popularity. This is why we made all of the above recommendations so that your customers don’t need to search too long for what they’re looking for. If your company is more of a B2B type, the list should still apply especially with the telephone number.

3: Better Ranking on Search Engines

Did you know that back in 2015 – April 21st to be exact – that Google released a new rule regarding mobile websites? According to Moz, the new algorithm was introduced by Google in order to improve the user’s experience on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. While this new-ish rule will not impact your desktop website’s rankings, it does mean that by not having a mobile website until now, your mobile search engine ranking may be suffering without your realizing it. And if that’s the case, say goodbye to potential sales and hello to seeing it all go to your competition!

4: There’s No Longer an Excuse

Let’s face facts: it’s 2017. We’ve seen a lot – a lot – of changes occur within the web industry. One of those changes was about how many people nowadays rely on mobile websites to make a purchase, connect to businesses and loved ones, and find the information they need to solve a problem. Now that mobile devices are so prevalent in our society, there is no longer an excuse to say “I don’t need a mobile website” – because not having one means missing out on so much potential.

Believe it or not, we’ve heard of business owners not having a website, period. If you’re one of those owners, then what are you waiting for? Contact V3 Media and we’ll get you started.