There’s a good reason why we choose to use WordPress at V3 Media when we build new websites for our clients. WordPress is easy to use, it’s easy for us to use in web design, and it’s super flexible for creating a website YOU want to own.

Something we’ve noticed that people don’t seem to understand is that they don’t own their website with these other site building companies: WiX, SquareSpace, GoDaddy Site Builder, and so on. Tell me if this sounds familiar: you sign a contract with them, you get unhappy with their design and optimization (or lack thereof), and then you’ve had it and decide to move your domain, only to find out you don’t own the actual website so you can’t ever move on if you want to. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you should cancel your plan or avoid this situation altogether and come to us instead.

Why? Because there are a lot of benefits to having our professional team build your website over those companies you might not realize. Here are just a few you can expect.

Reason 1: It’s Not as Technical as You Think

A common concern we encounter with our clients is their argument that WordPress is so technical and that you need to code things in. At V3 Media, we use the Divi framework and builder specifically so that you don’t have to worry about the overly technical details or being concerned with coding – we handle that, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on the most important thing of all: your own business.

Reason 2: You Deal Locally

Not only does hiring a local site building company support your community in general, but also the money you spend stays where you want it to stay while it’s being spent locally. Take comfort that you don’t have to be concerned with sending away your hard earned money to hosting sites like GoDaddy or SquareSpace as a result.

Reason 3: More Personal, Flexible Relationships Can Develop

Since opening day we have honed our ability to go with the flow and keep in constant, engaging communication with our clients, resulting in the development of more personal, flexible relationships. When it comes to asking us questions or addressing concerns, we’re more direct. You don’t have to file any reports with lower level management only to wait for months on end trying to reach the higher ups – just send us an e-mail and we’re immediately in touch. It’s that easy!

Reason 4: We’re in Touch with our Community

We may be a smaller business, but we’ve been managing and building websites for over 25 years, back when web hosting and design were brand new concepts. During that time we have supported many non-profit organizations and charities, companies, small businesses, and even big establishments within our local community.

Reason 5: We’re in Touch with More than One Community

When you sign up with V3 Media, you’re going to be dealing with a local company that can better understand local conditions and be able to work more closely with us. Even when dealing with areas around BC (or even Alberta), depending on the project, we will even travel to our clients to work with them if the project requires it.

Overall, what we encounter more often is that people seldom realize that in the long run, the money they think they save by going with the cheapest website builder, or by using family or friends over a professional designer, can cost more money in the long run. The same can go by thinking that DIY for professional business services, or going with what appears to be the biggest service, can be expensive and frustrating in the long run. That’s why when it comes to building and designing websites, look no further than V3 Media. Contact us and we’ll get it started, pronto.