Happy New Year! This is the perfect time to reflect on both your current and previous marketing plans, and to think of new and effective ways to market your company.

To go a little beyond that though, we’ve come up with some ideas on how to update these plans more than once. You can use them any day you wish!

Reflect on Past Successes and Failures

As we said before, now is the best time to wipe the dust off of last year’s strategies and really take a closer look at them. What worked best for your business at the time? Are these goals something you know can be accomplished again? Are there new means of reaching out to your audience you think you ought to consider? Try looking at all of the campaigns applicable – both the ones that succeeded and the ones that failed. You never know what you may learn from them.

Set New Goals

Getting new goals set up is quintessential to finding success in the New Year. You should take into account the metrics needed to measure your success, and to make them credible and accomplishable. Don’t aim too high and try to set a lofty goal to accomplish within a short period of time; make the goal something you know you and your team can truly achieve.

Figure Out Your Messages in Your Content

What kind of message do you want to send out now? Is it different compared to last year’s, or are you looking to strengthen it now more than ever? Whatever message you want to establish, you need to compare it with the tools available (i.e. your blog, social media, ebooks, videos etc.). You may also need to see if there are any holes in this plan, and reconfigure your content strategy from there.

Really Figure Out Your Target Audience

Do you know what kind of customers are looking for your company now as opposed to last year – maybe even two years ago? Has the age group shifted? Are you still fulfilling your customer’s needs? Measuring the statistics of your target audience is crucial to this particular update’s success.

Try to Form a Calendar of Goals

It may help to make your new plan concrete by creating a calendar and basing your new goals upon that. Depending on how big your business is, this could either be a monthly or quarterly plan. Bear in mind this calendar should be a snapshot only – don’t try and form every single detail and cause burnout as a result.

Work Out Your Budget

This is the all-important part of outlining any and all marketing strategies for your company. Not everyone can afford the equipment to go for a more visual style of marketing like video, but there are several other tactics that may be more affordable to pursue, and there are tactics you definitely want to hold on to like your company website. It might also help to put the new budget side by side with the previous one to add a little perspective on what is changing, and what may have to change.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of budget you’re looking at, form your new strategies around it. If you can afford something more visual, great! If not, consider trying affordable strategies such as renovating or creating new print design or revamping your website.

Still struggling on forming new marketing plans for the New Year? Maybe we can help. Contact us at V3 Media and we’ll go through with you what kind of strategies may work best for your needs – and your budget.