Content is king. That is the number one rule when it comes to designing and hosting a solid website. Suppose that your business is more technical or “boring” (i.e. important) in terms of its services or products; perhaps you have something to offer financially or medically (or both), but you’re just having too much trouble drawing the attention your company needs.

Let us try to help you out. Here are some top content tips when it comes to creating or improving it for your business, especially if it’s usually considered to be technical or “boring”.

Ditch the Jargon

Not everyone you’re trying to market your content towards is a doctor, nor do they possess a Master’s degree in engineering, and the same thing can apply to search engines. While you do need to be a figure of authority in the things you’re saying, that does not mean you should ever talk down to your audience. So, when it comes to both creating and trying to properly optimize web content, get rid of the jargon pronto unless you know it really resonates with your intended audience, or if using it simply can’t be avoided.

Still, you will need to simplify the language in a way people will understand, which in your industry may, understandably, be difficult to do. Regardless, catering to your audience is a necessity when it comes to your content, and that means talking to them using language you both understand.

Use More Images

The thing about most of these businesses’ websites is how much more text there is compared to imagery, which is a big problem. Content that’s considerably more visual attracts 80% more interest in reading that piece of content compared to a text-only page. That means if there’s little to no pictures to accompany your content, it may be high time to get on with adding some.

Have a Blog

Depending on what kind of business you own and what kind of industry it’s based in, chances are there are a lot of facets to it going unnoticed by the Internet. Things like finance actually are researched frequently due to how many people struggle with it daily. Soothe that need in them for more education by publishing regular content about it on your blog. You can also include videos, which may be to your benefit; research indicates that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video.

Answer Your Customers’ Questions

Suppose there’s something customers need to know about your services or products that aren’t fully explained elsewhere. What are they looking for the most? What can you do that will help them solve their problems, and in a way that’s better than your competitors? Figure out the answers and then let them know.

Try to Have Some Fun

It’s pretty easy to feel bogged down by having to explain overly technical details in your content or directing your terminology on certain keywords. Doing so is an important step to take. However, that doesn’t mean the content has to be 100% serious. It’s ideal to create content that’s engaging as well as educational. Try and inject a little sense of humour into your content, and have fun with it. If you are having fun, so too will your audience.

We hope this gets you started on creating or improving some great web content. If you’re still having difficulty though, feel free to contact us at V3 Media. We can lend you a hand when it comes to websites overall, from content to overall design.