If you’re new to blogging and blogs in general, you might need to read this. While we’ve already covered topics such as why to regularly update a blog and overall blog maintenance, we haven’t really covered the platforms in which you can blog on, have we?

At V3 Media, we offer several responsive WordPress themes for websites, and for a lot of good reasons we’re going to go over today. Here are some great benefits you will get from WordPress when you use it for blogging.

1: It’s Customizable

When it comes to design and usability from your prospective customers, you want to stand out above your competitors. That’s where WordPress comes in handy. Whatever the theme you choose, you can add many features in order to improve your content design-wise:

  • A “read more” button
  • Different font colors
  • Different fonts
  • Hyperlink settings
  • Head and sub-heading options
  • Plugins
  • And more

All of these attributes can lend a hand to making a good blog post even better.

2: You Can Design the Posts However You Like

While this benefit may or may not require some basic knowledge of HTML, you can design the colour and overall look of features in your blog posts. You can customize the hyperlinks or add buttons that connect to other web pages. You can choose the color and font for any headlines and sub-headlines in the post (ideally you should try to match the design of the font and color used throughout the entire website). WordPress is also easy to use when it comes to sharing and inserting videos from YouTube, or if you want to insert photos and illustrations, whether you want to add several in the post or just have a single featured image.

3: It Has Great Features

Depending on the template of your choice, WordPress comes with multiple plugins and theme options that can be altered and updated to your liking. These are the top plugins we think every website should have:

  • Yoast SEO – this one’s great for optimization purposes!
  • Broken Link Checker – for fixing and removing 404 error pages and dead links.
  • Akismet – to identify and delete spam comments.
  • Woocommerce – use this only if your website is an online shop.
  • And more!

If you find a plugin is not to your liking, WordPress allows you to add and remove any you want or do not want.

4: It’s Professional

The major difference between WordPress and other blogging platforms is the professionalism included when it comes to its aesthetics and functionality. In the case of building a new website or renovating your current one, WordPress gives you so many more options and opportunities to customize and design it based on how you want it to look. Plus, search engines love WordPress websites, given their great overall structure and how they’re more regularly updated compared to static websites. Getting them ranked online via WordPress is therefore a solid guarantee.

We could go on for ages as to why we prefer WordPress over other platforms for blogging, but we’ll leave these as the highest perks. To get started with your own WordPress website, contact us at V3 Media. We can build you the best website based on your needs and budget.