When it comes to owning a website, taking care of it somehow seems to always fall between the cracks. You have enough to worry about when it comes to your business, whether it’s big or small, but you don’t want to let your website go unnoticed either. That’s why hiring a professional for website management is the way to go.

If you’re not sure how best to instruct the person you’ve hired to handle this big job, this post should help. We’ve come up with a handy checklist of to-do tasks that every professional should be performing when it comes to managing your website.

1: Back Up Data

There’s nothing more devastating than losing a website you’ve put a lot of work into, whether it’s the end result of a malicious computer virus attack or in an accident. A professional should always back up your website’s data on a daily basis.

2:  Check on the Hosting and Domain Registration

You always want to ensure that your website’s host is still up to date; ditto with your domain’s registration status. Ensuring that both of these things are current should always be something your hired professional does.

3: Update the Website’s Content

We’re pretty sure you’re tired of hearing this already, but it bears repeating: content is king. That means your website’s content has to be updated just as much as site data and security does. If your word count is too low, if the SEO for each page has either been done wrong or isn’t even there, if there’s lots of bad grammar and spelling that went amiss and needs editing, and if you’re not getting the traffic and conversions you need, then it’s high time content updating was added to your website management checklist.

4: Perform Ongoing Maintenance

Just because you add a few fixes here and there doesn’t mean you can call it a day. Ongoing maintenance is mandatory to perform so your website has a constant presence. This ranges to and includes doing the following:

  • SEO re-optimization (or addition, if it’s not there)
  • Reviewing and, if needed or possible, revising online directories
  • Programming or re-programming code
  • Fixing technical issues such as dead links, removing spam, etc.
  • Check on performance of current online marketing, such as social media
  • And more


Do you need a professional who does all this and more? Contact us at V3 Media. We look after all sorts of tasks involving website management and design daily so that you can go about running your own business.