With all the talk about online marketing and the significance of owning a website, it can be easy to assume that offline marketing strategies such as print design are on their way out the door. The way of the future is all online…right?

Well, not exactly. The thing is, actions such as networking in person and even print design remain tried and true ways of marketing your company offline, even to this day. Even if you have a website, it won’t be enough to really get yourself, your brand, and your product or services out there for the world to see. Print design can help with this, and more, for the following reasons.

It Helps with Networking

To expand on the networking aspect a little more, let’s say for example you’re attending an annual conference and really want people to remember who you were and what you represent. The tricky thing is, your best suit only contains so much space in the pockets and you’ll be attending this conference for quite a while – several hours, in fact. Dragging around a laptop showing everyone your website doesn’t sound too appealing now, does it?

This is why business cards and the print design required for them remain one of the top methods of effective and meaningful ways to network and give a boost to other offline advertising strategies such as word of mouth. It also ties in seamlessly with the next reason print design matters so much:

It Helps You Stand Out Above Your Competition

What’s a great logo without print design, and how else are you going to separate yourself from your competitors without one? Having a logo professionally designed and yes, even printed, can help your clientele identify your company without having to point them in the direction of your website each time you hand out a business card. It will certainly help make your offline materials more interesting and pleasing to the eye than simply showing everyone lines of text.

It Works Seamlessly for Your Brand

Nothing says “great brand” like having a great logo to go with it. Printed materials such as pamphlets, brochures, rack cards, and even menus to name a few all require effective print design in order to promote and support your brand and give your clients a valuable and strong first impression of your company.

It Can Still be Used for Online Marketing

Print design is not only useful for offline marketing! Use it to create your logo and present a positive image of your company in all facets of online marketing: in online directories alongside your contact information, in the header of your website, and across all of your social media accounts for example. It’s better to use it for these purposes than to not have print design at all.

We hope we’ve convinced you not to throw print design out the window when it comes to your brand and logo. If you need assistance with it, contact our professional designers at V3 Media. We get the job done right and according to your needs!