If you’re looking to establish social media for your company and brand, you’re likely wanting to find the perfect one that will fully represent it in the best light. Perhaps your business is more service-based though, or it’s a financial or attorney-based company rather than an online store, for example. Therefore, the social media you’re looking for should present your business as professional instead of casual.

Enter LinkedIn, one of the biggest social media platforms next to Facebook and Twitter and the quintessential one for any business who wants to present their brand as official – after all, you yourself are a professional. How do you go about using LinkedIn though, especially if you’re new to the platform as a whole? Here, we take a look at the elements of a great LinkedIn profile and offer some tips on how to make yours as engaging and attractive as possible.

Fill in the Blanks

If this really is your first ever time filling in a LinkedIn account, once you sign up (it’s free!) and confirm your e-mail address, you can add the following details to your profile which it will prompt you to do:

  • Qualifications (i.e. current and past employment)
  • Specialties (pick only those that apply to you or your company)
  • Connections – you can use your e-mail contacts
  • Links to your company’s website, other social media, and so on
  • Contact details

Much like the about page on your official website, you will need to fill in the blanks of your LinkedIn profile. The summary section should include at least one or more of the following:

  • Company history
  • Who you are
  • What you want to get out to your customers
  • What stands you apart from your competition
  • And so on

LinkedIn also features the opportunity for you to add applications, for example a Blog Link which will stream all of your blog’s latest posts published or any website updates you make to LinkedIn.

You will be prompted to add the finer details when you’re creating your business profile for the first time. It also provides you with the flexibility to edit your details should something about you or the company change over time.


Treat LinkedIn as you would any other social media profile, such as Facebook and Instagram: include photos. The best kind of photo for your profile is one that’s professional; this should be the main key word (not to be confused with keyword!) when involving anything with LinkedIn, as approaching your profile in this manner will always be to your benefit.

Also, much like your other social media accounts, keep the tone of voice in your summary and communication as professional, positive, and general instead of overly personal. The purpose of this profile is for your business, after all.  Big no-nos that apply include blurry or super pixelated shots of your face, super casual photos, photos of someone who’s not you, and so. You’d actually be shocked to find how many people don’t treat their photos on LinkedIn with dignity or respect, which is why we’re pointing out the obvious.

Get Engaged in the Community

The great thing about LinkedIn is you can get in touch with and communicate with other professionals within your own industry, and if your company’s niche fits into something more specific than general, then all the better. You can accomplish this by joining groups with other like-minded owners and engage with them by posting updates in your profile, which will end up being visible on the home page for everyone you’re connected to.

One of the biggest features of LinkedIn that separates itself from Facebook and Twitter is its ability to ask for and receive endorsements from your contacts – not just reviews from random people online, but legitimate proof that you and your company are the best. If you ever wanted to get the rave reviews for yourself and your abilities as a business owner, this is how to get them.

If you’re still stumped on using LinkedIn for you and your company’s benefit, or need some more advice on your current profile, then go ahead and contact us at V3 Media. Social media is one of many services we offer to owners looking to create or improve their company reputation and overall brand.