You hear it all the time: “You need a blog for your website”. The problem is, you neither have the time, the patience, or the energy to update your website’s blog with any new posts or content. Oh, you have a blog all right – it’s probably been installed for the sake of having one. You’re just not doing anything with it right now. Maybe you’ll post something in the future, but not now…let’s put it on the backburner for the time being…

This an all too common occurrence with business websites, because that’s what you’re probably putting all of your focus into right now, instead – your business. But having a blog is more beneficial than you may realize, and you could be earning more customer interest with one, rather than without one.

Don’t believe us? Here are four good reasons to regularly update your blog.

Reason 1: It Keeps Your Website Relevant to Search Engines

Here’s the thing: Google loves seeing fresh, new content appear on its radar. It updates its algorithm constantly, at a whopping rate of 500-600 times per year – and that’s only for minor updates, unless they decide to occasionally roll out a “major” update such as Google Panda and Google Penguin.

As a result of these updates, anything that is either outdated or has remained static/unchanging in its content and presentation is more than likely to be indexed way, way at the back of the search results. We’re talking rank #51+ on Google here. That’s the last thing you want to see happening to your website.

But, if you have a blog, and you regularly update it and give each post unique SEO, Google will notice, index it, and bingo – your site’s ranking will increase as a result.

Bear in mind that this is no simple or immediate change that occurs overnight – it takes time for Google to take notice, so patience here is not only an asset, it’s a necessity.

Reason 2: It Keeps Your Social Media Accounts Interesting

Ever run out of things to say, or statuses to create on your favourite social media accounts? That’s where having a blog comes in handy! Promote your business effectively by presenting your content in a way that will encourage people to click on the link leading to your blog. By keeping these posts on your social media updated, it can lead to more followers looking forward to your next post as well.

The best thing about your blog is, you can share links to your blog with those who follow you on all social media accounts you may own – not just a select few. Each social media platform makes it easy to share your blog’s content also, so get out there and spread the word you have a blog already!

Reason 3: It Adds Quality Content to Your Newsletters

If you’re running an e-mail marketing campaign, newsletters are one of the quintessential means of putting your blog to good use. But if your blog’s not being updated, the content will run out fast, and as a result, so will your newsletters.

If you generate enough content over time, you may be able to create your newsletters – whether it’s monthly, daily, or biweekly circulation – based on a theme, rather than just throwing in the same post over and over again. Doing this will allow you to improve more than one marketing campaign, let me tell you!

Reason 4: It Builds Up Your Customer Base

Not to sound too repetitive, but having a blog and updating it regularly really can and will add interest to your customer base. The best blogs I’ve seen online have both evergreen, high-quality content, and regular updates with new content every so often. There’s also high response time between the author of the post in question and the customer audience asking questions, meaning an even greater notch up in the ranks of the search engine world. All these traits make for the perfect recipe of a well-used, highly noticeable blog.

Still struggling with updating your blog regularly? Still don’t have the time or energy to keep up with posting? We can help at V3 Media. As you can see from this post, among many others, we stay on top of regularly updating our blog, as well as maintaining and updating the rest of our website where need be. We’re more than happy to help with your current blogging and social media campaigns, thus giving you more time to focus on the business end without worry or fear that your content, and therefore your business, is running to catch up with the times.