When it comes to establishing an effective online marketing campaign, it seems like the best way to strengthen it is to use every social media platform available. It just seems like the most logical choice, doesn’t it?

Well…no. The truth is, it takes a lot of work and effort to handle multiple social media accounts all at once. The time it takes to update each one means losing what precious time you have for running your business. By the time you’ve crafted the perfect status update, the moment will have passed already and it’s become old news. This is why multiple studies have been conducted on subjects such as the art of timing and of content’s relevance on social media, in order for people to try and keep up with the times.

Rather than spreading yourself thin across every form of social media available, a better choice is to reach out to your audience on platforms that will guarantee success in your online marketing endeavors no matter what, and stick with them. With that in mind, here are some tips on picking the best social media platform for your business’s campaign.

Platforms to Use 100%

It’s pretty darn obvious that social media is the biggest means of reaching out to your audience today, which means there are platforms you do want and ought to use: Facebook and Twitter. Whether you love them or hate them, these two platforms are kings in the social media realm. The numbers of users who rely on Facebook alone for news and the most up-to-date information have grown exponentially since it was established. Ditto for Twitter users – their number of users has grown since 2010.

If you want to keep your audience and their interest in your business growing, these are social media platform staples you will want to use. You can’t go wrong with using either of them.

Image-Reliant Platforms

If you’re more of an image-based business whose main traffic and source of interest comes from pictures, you’ll do well by having and using Pinterest and Instagram, or even Tumblr – as far as image-based social media goes, these are your best bet. You can also use and add content to them from your mobile phone, for instant posting and immediate attention.

If video-based social media marketing is your cup of tea, and you’re not in the least bit camera-shy, then YouTube is going to be your best shot. Do you own a beautiful resort? Get some video footage and show it off!

B2B Social Media Platforms

If your company is more focused on business-to-business (B2B) interaction and communication, then using and having LinkedIn and Google+ are your best platforms to go with, rather than the picture-based ones outlined earlier. LinkedIn specifically is perfect for finding and communicating with members of your own industry, who know and use the same language you are used to relaying frequently. As for Google+, it’s not as huge as Facebook, but it is growing steadily as an effective platform to use.

There are several more social media platforms out there, but the ones we’re outlined here are the giants among them. If you’re still struggling in your decision, or have precious little time to worry about your social media campaign and it’s doing poorly as a result, or if you’re looking to start a new campaign from scratch, then don’t worry about it yourself – let a professional look after it. At V3 Media, social media marketing is just one of many services we offer assistance with, so let us help you pick and choose the platforms that will help you break through the noise your competitors are making. We’re more than happy to help.