It’s as necessary as a business licence, or having a good name for your company. What is it? Your website, of course. A website is somewhere for your current clients, or your prospective clients, to look for more information about your company. It’s like a salesperson that never sleeps, or a storefront that never closes. The following are some basic reasons why it’s important to have a website.


  1. It’s always there. Unlike a regular, or bricks and mortar, storefront, your website is always open. Clients can browse through your site, read about your different products or services, and even purchase something if you have an e-commerce website.
  2. E-mail. Along with your website, you gain another way of communicating with your clients – e-mail. Not only can clients contact you regarding your products, you can contact them on sales, specials, or new items that may interest them.
  3. Another sales portal. Just like e-mail, your website provides you with another forum to advertise your products or services. You can mention that in the month of August you will have buy one get one free on one certain item, or advertise for the new product launch you have coming in the fall.
  4. Your competitor has one. You should have a website for your company just for the simple reason that more than likely, your competitor has one. Why let them get a step ahead of you when all you need to do is contact V3 to get started on your site?
  5. A window to your business. Unlike a Yellow Pages ad, or even a TV ad, a website is interactive. If a client wants to find out how to contact you, all they have to do is click on a button. If they want more information about your company, they can go to the about us page. To find details on your products or services, they just have to go to the appropriate page.